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Western North Carolina Green Building Council

Energy Efficiency



Archived Directory Articles - Archive of past articles in the WNC Green Building Directory. Scroll down to find the energy efficiency section.

Technical Factsheets - Factsheets and Checklists about energy efficient construction.

Case Study of a High Efficiency Home - Habitat for Humanity in Massachusetts designed and built a super high efficiency home and analyzed lessons learned.

HomeEnergyNC - A free resource for "all things home energy in North Carolina" provided by the North Carolina Building Performance Association.

Energy Federation Incorporated - Through the distribution of resource conserving products and the provision of objective, accurate information, EFI strives to assist people in their efforts to use energy and water efficiently.

Home Energy Magazine - A cutting edge nonprofit publication that disseminates objective and practical information on residential energy efficiency, performance, comfort and affordability.

Top Ten Ways to Save Energy - List compiled by the WNCGBC of the top ten easy and inexpensive ways to save energy in your home or apartment.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Home - General list of ways to save energy in your home including some links to online calculators.

Pyramid of Conservation - A graphic illustration of conservation measures from easiest to hardest from Minnesota Power.


American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy - Nonprofit dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting economic prosperity and environmental protection.

Energy Star Appliances - Information on appliances that have earned the Energy Star.

Learn about the different types of water heaters and their efficiencies along with a comparison chart of operating costs over the lifetime of these different types from EPA and DOE.


North American Insulation Manufacturers Association - NAIMA is a trade association of North American manufacturers of fiber glass, rock wool and slag wool insulation products.

Chart of Insulation R-Values


Greenseal's Choose Green Report on lighting - A great fact sheet on the science, cost and savings of CFLs.

Green Home Guide's Lighting Summary

Information on CFLs and Mercury - Fact sheet compiled by Energy Star.

National Energy Education Development - Change a Light, Change the World Teacher's Guide.

US DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Advanced lighting design and energy code.


Efficient Windows Collaborative - Provides unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work and recommendations for their selection and use.