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Western North Carolina Green Building Council

Benefits Of A Green Built North Carolina Home

The Green Built NC Program encompass all aspects of environmental design and construction including:


  • Site and Landscape: healthy outdoors by using erosion control and saving existing trees
  • Water Efficiency: lower water bills by using high efficiency irrigation and plumbing fixtures
  • Building Envelope: lower utility bills by using high efficiency windows and insulation
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: higher comfort with efficiency equipment and sealed air ducts
  • Appliances and Lighting: lower utility bills by using Energy Star appliances and lighting
  • Indoor Air Quality: a healthy interior with non-toxic finishes and minimizing moisture
  • Materials: a low maintenance home using durable, local, and recycled content materials


Builder Benefits

  • Marketing Assistance: Green Built NC helps builders market the value of high performance homes. Certified green homes are proven to sell faster and hold their value longer in todays market.
  • All builders are eligible to sign up and market themselves as RESNET Energy Smart Builders. To learn more visit the RESNET Energy Smart Builder Program Website.
  • Technical Assistance and Design Reviews: support for specific questions and advise along the way
  • Third Party Verification: reassures the home owners that your homes are reviewed by an independent team of high performance building professionals
  • Fewer Call Backs: homes with third party verification often receive fewer call backs
  • Environmental and Economic Value: the Green Built NC Program provides tools so that your company can be a part of supporting a healthy community and a cleaner environment
  • Permit fee rebates from the City of Asheville and Black Mountain.
  • Rebates from Progress Energy for qualifying homes.

Home Owner Benefits

  • Lower Energy Bills: through energy efficient lighting, equipment, and appliances
  • Healthier and Comfortable Indoor Environment: consistent temperatures and reduced risks
  • Increased Market Value: higher resale value of a home
  • Financial Tax Incentives: state and federal tax credits for renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Performance Report: third party verification quantifying the home's overall energy score, annual energy cost savings, and pollution prevention
  • Reduced air pollution through energy efficiency

For more information or to register with the Green Built NC Program contact:
Maggie Leslie
WNC Green Building Council
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.