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Appalachian Offsets, a program of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council, is a voluntary Carbon Offset program to combat global climate change through local renewable energy and efficiency projects in Western North Carolina. While it is best to first reduce the amount of greenhouse gas you or your business produces, you can also offset your impact by supporting our programs that will reduce the amount of carbon and greenhouse gases generated in our community and would not have happened without your contribution. See how carbon pollution is produced in your home.

Offset your Carbon Footprint

  1. Calculate your carbon footprint in just minutes: [ Individuals ]
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  2. Offset all or part of your carbon footprint: 1-100 tons: $15/ton
    (For larger offsets, please email info@wncgbc.org)
  3. Reduce what you can: Top Ten Energy Savers
  4. Your Reward The real reward is a cleaner, more sustainable environment and a more secure future. If you would like to claim carbon neutrality for your business we can verify that your contributions fund local projects that offset the necessary amount of carbon, making you or your business carbon neutral. All participants who choose to offset 2 Tons of Carbon or more will receive an Appalachian Offsets Bumpersticker and a listing on our website. Plus your offset is Tax Deductible.

Help Us Change a Light: OFFSET NOW!

For first project on September 11, 2007, 400 students from UNCA volunteered with the Asheville Housing Authority switching out inefficient incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs in partnership with Appalachian Offsets. They changed out over 5,000 bulbs in a single day. Since then, AO has replaced over 13,000 incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents in the Asheville Housing Authority's low-income rental housing. By replacing over 13,000 incandescent bulbs, the Housing Authority and its residents will reduce carbon emissions by more than 3,790 tons and sulphur dioxide by more than 100 tons. Using a single 13-watt compact fluorescent bulb instead of a 60-watt incandescent bulb saves over 470 kWh of electricity over its lifetime. A single CFL will save 425 pounds of coal that would release 583 pounds of carbon dioxide and 17 pounds of sulphur dioxide, not to mention a variety of other harmful pollutants. Participants in this project will be helping clean the air for the region's children and saving money for themselves and the Housing Authority.

Example Future Project
We will place a solar water heating system on an affordable housing project in Asheville that will replace an existing or intended electric water heater. A typical residential solar water heater will offset greenhouse gas emissions by about 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

Transparency and Verification

Transparency and Verification are very important to us. Our intention is to serve our community by offsetting carbon emissions locally to combat global climate change. Instead of selling Renewable Energy Credits, we will reduce carbon emissions that would not have been reduced without your participation.

The offsets will be calculated and posted on the website monthly. The Method of Calculations, the source of the values and the projects will be shown on our site and evaluated by a third party, Waste Reduction Partners.

Business and Group Offsets

Businesses or groups (churches, homeowner associations, schools, employees, etc.)interested in Appalachian Offsets can contact the Western North Carolina Green Building Council - info@wncgbc.org for a presenstation to your group or business. We work with Waste Reduction Partners, who can do a free audit of your carbon footprint and suggest reduction possibilities. Once your footprint is assessed we will calculate the per ton cost. You will receive a certificate/decal to advertise your business offset as well as a web listing.

Get started today by filling out the Business Offset Form and sending it in along with proper documentation.

The Carbon Neutral Business Ad Campaign is a loosely knit group of businesses, with leadership provided by Bend of Ivy Lodge and Appalachian Offsets, working to increase public awareness about the importance of carbon neutrality, and supporting environmentally responsible businesses. In the short term, ads donated at cost by local media will increase the visibility and public awareness of local carbon neutral businesses. In the long term, we hope to mobilize market forces to encourage other businesses to become carbon neutral. To participate, or learn more, visit http://bendofivylodge.com/ad.htm

Thanks to the following individuals for their guidance, oversight and help in developing this program:

Boone Guyton, Cady and Guyton Construction
Margie Meares, The Clean Air Community Trust
Jonah Butcher, The Clean Air Community Trust
David Wallace, The State Energy Office
Terry Albrecht, Waste Reduction Partners

More Information

For more information on how you can become a part of the solution, contact:
Western North Carolina Green Building Council www.WNCGBC.org - 828-254-1995 - info@wncgbc.org