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Western North Carolina Green Building Council


Comfort and Asheville Green Building

In the last eight years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on and visiting many “green homes” across the country.  Without exception, clients and homeowners feel good about living a more sustainable lifestyle and the reduction of energy consumption.… Continue reading

Moisture Drainage Management

Moisture from rainfall can be a serious problem for many homes and buildings, particularly if it builds up behind the exterior cladding. Homes and buildings built in areas with high levels of rainfall each year – 20- to 60+ inches… Continue reading

New Energy Code Training Materials Available

The North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance has recently completed a study to identify commonly missed requirements of the North Carolina energy code, and they have followed that up with some training materials to help builders improve their homes.  The… Continue reading

Solar surplus- A conundrum

We have now had a battery back up and enlarged solar system for about 6 months and have driven our electric LEAF for about 5,000 miles over that time.   We also bought and EGO self propelled electric lawn… Continue reading

Passive Solar Cooling

Summertime Passive Solar Design illustration of good shade

Passive solar design usually describes heating strategies for colder winter months. By concentrating windows on the south sides of a home, the sun provides free heating. Our passive solar design post explores the most important details for getting free heat… Continue reading

I have an Ego.

   And I got it at Home Depot.  I decided on the Ego because I have excess solar generated electricity from my roof top solar system. We net meter and have some batteries that allow us to power… Continue reading

BK’s Compost Water Heater

Heating water is expensive and comes with many hidden environmental and societal costs. For growers, gardeners and residents passionate about their landscape, compost water heating measurably decreases these costs and substantially increases quantities of composted organic matter for… Continue reading



Nantahala National Forest

Since 2013, I have been illustrating maps in Haywood County pro-bono with HCTDA (Haywood County Tourist Development Authority) and Buy Haywood, an organization supporting locally home grown products. The goal… Continue reading

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